How To Become A Nigerian Broker In BananaCrystal

We’re thrilled to present BananaCrystal P2P to you! This platform offers Peer-to-Peer payment infrastructure, streamlining the process for cash deposits and withdrawals.


Brokers fulfill deposit and withdrawal requests directly through the App, ensuring users receive funds without involving third parties.


Our Brokers serve as the intermediary to facilitate transfers between users’ local bank account and USDT Wallet in both directions.

Make Money As A BananaCrystal Broker

Being a Broker entitles you to receive a commission for each successfully completed transaction.


Our payment solution offers users seamless access to cash on-ramp and off-ramp without the need to create new accounts or wallets. Think of it as utilizing a payment gateway, but in a decentralized manner.

Discover The Escrow Service on BananaCrystal

To safeguard funds, we’ve implemented an escrow system that holds funds securely until orders are completed on both ends, promoting a scam-free environment

How To Join As A P2P Broker

Apply now to become a Broker and start earning today. We typically respond within 5 working days.

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