Our Mission

Banana Crystal’s mission is to revolutionize currency trading by enabling seamless peer-to-peer exchange of USD with currencies worldwide. Just as pioneering companies like Uber and Airbnb leveraged technology to disrupt their industries, we strive to transform currency exchange through an innovative peer-to-peer platform that makes trading local currencies simple, accessible and empowering.

What We Offer


Trading of USD with your local currency with millions of traders at a better market rate.

Virtual Terminal (POS)

Set up your store or business and receive payments from anywhere in the world.

Dual Interest Investment

Earn in two places at once and maximize returns beyond traditional models.

Universal Digital Account

Enjoy the benefits of your US dollar denominated accounts across 150+ countries

Low Cost Trades

Enjoy seamless trades and payment with little to no charges. Almost free.

High Security

Fast and secure transactions powered by blockchain/cypto rails.

Inclusive, Participatory and Compassionate Financial Model

With the introduction of BananaCrystal, a more harmonious and just financial societal structure has emerged as a move away from divisive, power-driven financial systems to a more inclusive, participatory and compassionate financial model.


A truly financial democratic process, where the financial needs of all users are heard and valued, and BananaCrystal simply acts as a facilitator of the collective financial wisdom of the market rather than another authoritarian financial gate keeper.


It is a shift away from the current financial models, driven by profit and competition, to a system that prioritizes sustainability, equality, and the well-being of all its users.


It is an innovative form of financial profit distribution using a new form of currency (crypto currencies) with a well-built peer-to-peer economic structure that supports cooperation and community empowerment rather than corporate empowerment and control.

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