About Us

We enable peer to peer payments almost free. 

This enables you or anyone with an internet connection to send and receive money anywhere in the world within minutes almost for free (certainly much cheaper than whatever you are paying today). 

We enable businesses and stores to accept payments and send payouts using blockchain/crypto infrastructure payment rails because it’s cheaper, faster, and more cost effective than using traditional (legacy) payment rails. 

Here is What you Get With BananaCrystal :

  1. Instant Secure Global Payments with No Fees

2. A Universal Secured USD Digital Dollar Account… Enjoy the Benefits of a US Dollar Denominated Account. Mitigate inflation and the global economic crisis and your currency devaluation. Open to Residents in 150+ Countries. 

3. Earn High Yield Interest Rates or Earn Dual Interest with our Insurance Product.

4. Fund your Account with your local currency or with Crypto and Swap your Crypto Securely to USD… For Easy Payments in USD

5. Enables Privacy for Shoppers… Your Bank or Credit Card Company Doesn’t Need to Know What You are Purchasing… Because your Purchases are Private 

6. No Chargebacks (0%) – Merchants Save Over 20%… Could Pass on to Customers. Counterparty risk is greatly reduced because your transactions are irreversible and do not require a financial intermediary to process funds.

You are democratizing payments!