Partner Program

Become a Partner And Earn Commissions From Eligible Transactions Made by Your Customer using BananaCrystal

Earn Commissions

Integrate with BananaCrystal to become a partner and earn a 1% commissions on eligible transactions

What transactions are eligible?

Eligible transactions are transactions where your customers pay fees to BananaCrystal. Free transactions (with no fees), or transactions that have third-party fees do not qualify as eligible transactions

What integrations are available?

API Integration so you can offer your customers a way to pay with BananaCrystal while earning commissions.


Lifetime earnings. You continue to earn commissions each time your customers make eligible transactions on BananaCrystal.

About the Partner Program

To be eligible for the partner program, you need to apply using this form

  • Your commissions will be credited and paid to you once you verify your account. Login to your account and go to For Partners to find out more.
  • Commissions earned on the previous month are paid to you on the 15th of the current month.
  • Payments for commissions are made to your BananaCrystal USD Digital Account.
  • You must provide your referral code or partner_id in your integration for transactions to credited to the partner program
  • Your unique referral code or partner_id can be found in your Partner Menu