1. What should I do immediately after realizing I’ve sent money to the wrong user on BananaCrystal?

  • Please act quickly: Log in to your BananaCrystal account and contact customer support as soon as you can. The sooner you report the mistake, the better your funds will be recovered.
  • Provide details: Have your transaction details ready, including the amount, date, recipient’s username, and any reference numbers.


2. How can I contact BananaCrystal support to report the issue?

  • Support options: You can contact BananaCrystal support through the in-app messaging system, via email at support@bananacrystal.com.
  • Go to our support centre on the footer of each page, click on contact support, and fill out the form describing your request. Support personnel will contact you in no time. 


3. What information will BananaCrystal support need to assist me?

  • Transaction details: Date, time, amount, and transaction ID.
  • Recipient details: Username and any other identifying information.
  • Description of error: A brief explanation of how the mistake occurred.


5. What if the recipient refuses to return the money?

  • Further steps: If the recipient refuses, BananaCrystal may mediate the situation, but you might need to seek legal advice if the issue cannot be resolved through the platform. This is where our Compliance and Legal team steps in to resolve it.


6. How long does it take to resolve a fund retrieval issue?

  • Varies: Resolution times can vary. Simple cases may be resolved within a few days, while more complex issues might take longer. BananaCrystal support will keep you updated on the progress.


7. Are there any fees involved in retrieving the funds?

  • No fees: BananaCrystal does not charge any fees for assisting with retrieving funds sent in error.


8. Can I prevent this from happening in the future on BananaCrystal?

  • Double-check details: Always double-check the recipient’s username and other details before confirming any transaction.
  • Use favourite contacts: Add recipients to your favourites for frequent transactions to minimize errors.
  • Confirmation prompts: Pay attention to confirmation prompts before finalizing transactions.


9. Is there a difference in the process for domestic vs. international transfers on BananaCrystal?

  • No difference: The process for retrieving funds is the same for both domestic and international transfers on the BananaCrystal platform.


10. What if I used a BananaCrystal-linked digital wallet or payment app?

  • Contact support: If the transaction involved a linked digital wallet or payment app, still contact BananaCrystal support. They will coordinate with the relevant service to assist with the retrieval process.