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Instant Secure P2P Global Payments!

Fast secure, low-cost, borderless, local and international payments in USD powered by blockchain/crypto payment rails.


Send and receive secure Peer to Peer (P2P) payments to anyone instantly at no cost to you.


You are now able to exchange your currency to/from USD at a better than bank/government/market rates.


Through P2P service you get the best rate possible, secure escrow and support for 300+ payment methods from almost all countries.


Getting Started !

Follow The Steps Below to Enjoy Seamless Trades

01. Sign Up/Log in

Simply signup or login with your email & password.

02. Do Your KYC

Complete your KYC with easy steps through mobile or desktop.

03. Start Trading

Buy/Sell USD with over 350 payment methods to choose from.

How It Works

Connect with Millions of Traders and Exchange USD for Your Local Currency

Frequently Asked Questions

Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading is a way of buying and selling currencies where parties buy and sell USD directly with each other on BananaCrystal.


BananaCrystal provides an online platform to securely connect buyers and sellers so they can securely with escrow buy and sell USD with their local currency.

BananaCrystal supports the following payment methods.


Bank Cards, Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Transfers for adding funds: ACH (US), SEPA (EU), CashApp, PayPal, Exchanges or external crypto currency wallets for select cryptocurrencies.

You can make money from P2P trading when you create a buy or sell offer on the platform.


This comes as a profit from your sales on the platform. For example, on the BananaCrystal P2P exchange, a trader can earn significant margin of your choice on USD per fiat currency trade.

P2P trades connect a trader and a buyer. For instance if a person wants to buy USDT, The platform lists
traders’ offers and their terms, a buyer determines how much he needs and chooses the trader he is most comfortable with. 

Once he has selected a trader, he transfers the money to the trader’s account and the trader releases the USDT to the buyer. The entire transaction is guided by time limits and security rules to protect both parties. If any party feels aggrieved, he can raise a dispute