Payment Provider – Free to Send and Receive Payments Now!

We know you’re in the business of making money. And we also know that you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy on the logistics of accepting payments from customers.

Most payment networks are very expensive, and you have to pay for each transaction. Plus, your accounts can be shut down or banned by the payment processor at any time. payment network is different! We provide a payment platform that’s similar to PayPal/CashApp/Stripe, except with our payment network, any individual/business can send and receive payments from customers anywhere in the world in USD for FREE.

Our payment rails are here to stay—we’ll never shut down or ban your account. And we’re offering our services for FREE right now!

You can set up a store/business account and begin accepting payments on your websites using our Free WordPress plugin.

You can also accept payments physically at any location/event using any phone/tablet/laptop as a virtual point of sale (POS) system.