Trading of USD
with any Currency


Instant Secure Global P2P Global Payments

Fast secure, low-cost, borderless, local and international payments in USD powered by blockchain/crypto payment rails.



Send and receive secure Peer to Peer (P2P) payments to anyone instantly at no cost to you.


You are now able to exchange your currency to/from USD at a better than bank/government/market rates.



Through P2P service you get the best rate possible, secure escrow and support for 300+ payment methods from almost all countries.

Virtual Terminal (POS)

Secure, Low-Cost Payments for Stores and Businesses

Accept payments for your store or business almost free!


Payments settle instantly for your store or business with no risk of chargebacks saving you over 20% in fraud and chargeback fees…which you can then pass as savings on to your customers.



Send payments to your local and international vendors almost FREE. This will enable you access to new markets and industry segments at reduced costs and payment settlement times. 


Get better currency exchange rates than government/bank rates.


Secure USD Digital Account

Keep your Funds in a Secure USD Digital Account

Hedge Against Your Currency Devaluation

Regardless of where you reside, you can now use your funds in your local currency or U.S. dollars as a store of value to avoid having to worry about losses from adverse currency fluctuations and inflation in your country.
Enjoy the benefits of your US dollar denominated accounts. This is open to residents in 150+ countries.

Fund your Account with Currency or with Crypto and Swap your Crypto Securely to USD…

For Easy Payments in USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What are P2P Trades?

Buy and sell USD directly with traders at better than market/bank rates

Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading is a way of buying and selling currencies where parties buy and sell USD directly with each other on BananaCrystal. 



BananaCrystal provides an online platform to securely connect buyers and sellers so they can securely with escrow buy and sell USD with their local currency.

Earn Interest

Earn High Yield Interest

Rates Ranging up to 1.5%
Based on Open or Fixed Terms
You can opt-in to earn interest on funds in your payment account. Open term has no withdrawal limits. Access your interest earned in USD at any time even on nights and weekends.

While our Fixed terms range from 3 -12 months, the higher your principal, the higher the interest rate you earn.

Earn DUAL Interest

Securely Earn Interest in Two Places at Once

– Become a Dual Interest Banker!

The Wealth-Building, Wealth-Preservation Strategy Banks and the Super Wealthy Don’t Want You To Know.

This strategy has been one of the secrets behind the vast wealth accumulated by wealthy families like the Rockefellers, the Disneys, and many others. The best way for us to explain this strategy to you—their strategy—is to tell you a tale of two banks… see more


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