How To Create P2P Offer

In this video, we will be showing you how to create offers on the Bananacystal platform. Please be sure to complete your KYC to make sure you have a verified account to enable you to perform any trade or set offers on the platform. 

How To Create A Sell USD Offer

  1. Select the Type of Offer you want to create. 
  • For this video, we will be creating a Sell offer. Sell Offer is also known as Withdraw. This offer will be listed on the Buy Tab, so you can sell to others who are buying USD


  1. Choose your payment method and preferred currency.


3. Select your country and add your bank account

4. Set your limits using range or fixed rate

For this video I will be using a range; so I’ll set the minimum and maximum amount I am willing to sell. 

To make this offer visible, be sure to have the minimum amount you have set in your wallet 


5. Set your offer Margin (flexibility to set your profit margin) this can be above or below the parallel market price.

Select your offer limit; This is how long your trade partner has to pay and click Paid before the trade is automatically canceled. click on next.