What happens if my card doesn’t have enough balance to cover the annual fee? Will I be notified via email?

Yes, you will be notified, and get instant notification on the site.

When is the annual fee charged?

The annual fee for the BananaCrystal card is charged after the first year, with the initial year being waived. This charge occurs on the anniversary of the account opening or card activation, following the standard practice for debit card annual fees.

How are annual fees charged?

Annual fees for debit cards are deducted automatically from the client’s bank account balance. This typically occurs before the anniversary date of the account opening or card activation. Clients should ensure they have sufficient funds in their account to cover the fee to avoid any potential overdraft charges or penalties.

What is the annual fee?

The annual fee for the BananaCrystal Card is $60. However, the annual fee for the first year is waived as part of our introductory offer.