What’s the plan for expanding to banks considering some banks might not support cryptocurrency transactions despite Visa’s involvement?

That’s a valid concern. While it’s true that many banks worldwide don’t accept cryptocurrency transactions, our approach is unique. We’ve partnered with an offshore Bank, which holds a crypto license. This authorization allows us to offer the BananaCrystal card with the convenience of VISA usage, ensuring flexibility for our users worldwide.

What is an Offshore Bank Account?

An offshore bank account is a financial account held in a jurisdiction outside of the depositor’s country of residence, often offering favorable banking regulations and tax benefits. BananaCrystal enables crypto users to seamlessly open offshore bank accounts, facilitating direct transactions via debit cards with cryptocurrency.

How are transactions processed by BananaCrystal? Is there a banking partner involved?

Yes, transactions made with BananaCrystal cards are processed through our partnerships with VISA and UnionPay, facilitated by our offshore banking partner.