Why are fees so high?

BananaCrystal’s fees are competitive when compared to other services offering similar benefits. When evaluating fees, it’s important to consider the value provided by BananaCrystal, including seamless crypto-to-fiat conversions and the ability to use your card globally. Our fees are structured to reflect the costs associated with providing these services while ensuring they remain accessible to…

What types of payments can’t be made with the card?

BananaCrystal card cannot be used for pre-authorization payments, such as hotel deposits or gas station holds. However, apart from these restrictions, you can use BananaCrystal card anywhere that accepts Visa.

Are there any specific countries or regions where you do not allow the origination of accounts, payment sending or receiving, or card issuance?

BananaCrystal does not facilitate the origination of accounts, payment transactions, or card issuance for individuals or businesses located in the following countries or jurisdictions:

Can I use the card for Direct Debit?

No, it’s not possible at the moment.

Does The Card Support Contactless Payment


Is it a Web3 bank?

Not exactly. In a traditional bank, you deposit your funds with them for safekeeping. With BananaCrystal, your assets remain in your crypto wallet. You only load the amount you intend to use onto our card through our offshore bank partner. So, you could consider it more of a Web 2.5 bank. However, what sets Crystal…

What are the difference between card tiers?

There are three tiers available for the BC Debit Cards: Plastic Black, Metal Gold, Metal Silver, and Metal Black. Each tier offers different features and benefits: 1. **Plastic Black:** This tier offers a standard plastic card with a card application fee of $300 USD. It has a loading fee of 3.125% and a monthly loading…