What should I do if I’ve purchased the card but realize I’m ineligible to apply?

Possible Scenario: If you’ve purchased the card but can’t apply due to reasons like lacking a passport or shipping constraints, simply request a refund. Please provide: ⚠️Action Item: Please create a ticket on support@bananacrystal.com with all the provided information.

I encountered a technical issue while applying for my card. What should I do?

Problem Example: Answer: If you’re experiencing difficulties with the card application process, we recommend trying the following troubleshooting steps: If the problem persists after trying these steps, please provide the following details for further assistance: Our team will investigate the issue promptly and provide you with the necessary support to complete your card application. support@bananacrystal.com

Can I Cancel My Card Application?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel a card application once it has been submitted. Applicants must proceed with the application process until they receive the card. Upon receiving the card, you can then request termination through the standard process. Card Termination Request Process:

What is my card application status?

To inquire about the status of your card application, kindly provide your wallet address. Please be advised that the entire application process typically spans 3-5 weeks for card issuance.

How long does it take to receive my card?

After KYC approval, delivery times typically range from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on your location. Rest assured, we strive to expedite the process as much as possible to ensure you receive your card in a timely manner.

How many cards I can apply for?

You can own a maximum of two cards. If you already have a plastic card, the second card you acquire should be a metal card. The permissible combination is one plastic card and one metal card.

How do I apply for a card?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below: Important Notes: