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What happens to my funds if [the White Labeled Brand] gets liquidated? How do I know my funds are secure?

Rest assured, your funds remain safe even in the unlikely event of BananaCrystal’s liquidation. Once you complete the necessary KYC process and make the payment, an offshore bank account is opened under your name. Your assets are securely stored in this offshore bank account, providing an additional layer of protection. It’s important to note that…

What measures are in place to minimize the risk of hacking or vulnerabilities?

To minimize the risk of hacking or vulnerabilities, BananaCrystal employs several security measures. Firstly, funds are not held in custody by BananaCrystal; instead, they are stored in users’ crypto wallets. Additionally, funds are only temporarily loaded into the BananaCrystal’s dashboard before being transferred to the card. This manual loading process takes 12-24 hours, further reducing…

What’s the plan for expanding to banks considering some banks might not support cryptocurrency transactions despite Visa’s involvement?

That’s a valid concern. While it’s true that many banks worldwide don’t accept cryptocurrency transactions, our approach is unique. We’ve partnered with an offshore Bank, which holds a crypto license. This authorization allows us to offer the BananaCrystal card with the convenience of VISA usage, ensuring flexibility for our users worldwide.

What is an Offshore Bank Account?

An offshore bank account is a financial account held in a jurisdiction outside of the depositor’s country of residence, often offering favorable banking regulations and tax benefits. BananaCrystal enables crypto users to seamlessly open offshore bank accounts, facilitating direct transactions via debit cards with cryptocurrency.

How are transactions processed by BananaCrystal? Is there a banking partner involved?

Yes, transactions made with BananaCrystal cards are processed through our partnerships with VISA and UnionPay, facilitated by our offshore banking partner.

Why are fees so high?

BananaCrystal’s fees are competitive when compared to other services offering similar benefits. When evaluating fees, it’s important to consider the value provided by BananaCrystal, including seamless crypto-to-fiat conversions and the ability to use your card globally. Our fees are structured to reflect the costs associated with providing these services while ensuring they remain accessible to…

What is the fee for renewing an expired card?

We will notify you via email before your card’s expiration date for renewal.

What is the fee for replacing a lost or damaged card?

To request a replacement card, please provide: ⚠️Action Item: Please create a ticket on with all the provided information.

What happens if my card doesn’t have enough balance to cover the annual fee? Will I be notified via email?

Yes, you will be notified, and get instant notification on the site.