I encountered a technical issue while activating my card. What should I do?

Problem Example: Answer: If you’re experiencing difficulties with the card application process, we recommend trying the following troubleshooting steps: If the problem persists after trying these steps, please provide the following details for further assistance: Our team will investigate the issue promptly and provide you with the necessary support to complete your card application. ⚠️Action…

What should I do if the card activation page freezes while I’m trying to activate my card?

If you encounter any errors or if the page freezes during the card activation process, please wait for 5-10 minutes and then try uploading a different file for your selfie. This often resolves the issue and allows you to proceed with the activation successfully.

How long does it take for card activation?

Your card should be activated within 24-48 hours after submission.

How do I activate my card?

By following these steps, you’ll have your Bananacrystal card activated and ready to use in no time.

Can I still use my card if there’s an issue with the blockchain?

Yes, in the event of a blockchain issue like low TPS (Transactions Per Second), it may affect the process of loading funds onto your card. However, once your card is loaded and your funds are stored with the bank, any blockchain hiccups will not impact your ability to use the card. You can still withdraw…

What to do if an ATM swallowed my card?

We’re sorry to hear that your BananaCrystal card has been swallowed by an ATM. We understand how frustrating this situation can be, but rest assured, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Step 1: Contact the ATM Provider The first step is to contact the ATM provider. Their contact information is usually…

What should I do if my card has expired but I don’t plan to get a new one?

If you decide not to renew your card, please follow these steps to request a Card Termination: Once you’ve completed these steps, our team will process your request promptly. ⚠️Action Item: Please create a ticket on support@bananacrystal.com with all the provided information.

What happens when my card expires?

When your card approaches its expiration date, you’ll receive a notification via email two months in advance to remind you. To renew your card, simply follow these steps: Card replacement fees are as follows:

What to do if my card is lost, stolen, or damaged?

If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, we’re here to help. To get a replacement card, just follow these steps: Your card will be frozen if it’s lost or compromised. If it’s damaged but you still have it, we’ll freeze it upon your request until your new card arrives. ⚠️Action Item: Please create a…