Why is my loading fee, not exactly BananaCrystal %?

The loading fee may vary slightly based on daily exchange rates.

Can I withdraw excess funds if I accidentally deposited too much to the card? Is there a way to deposit the funds/assets back into the wallet?

At present, the deposit process is unidirectional. Once funds or assets are deposited onto the card, there isn’t a mechanism to withdraw or transfer them back to the wallet. The intended flow is to load these funds onto your card for regular usage.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with loading the card?

Problem Example: Answer: If you’re experiencing difficulties with the card application process, we recommend trying the following troubleshooting steps: If the problem persists after trying these steps, please provide the following details for further assistance: Our team will investigate the issue promptly and provide you with the necessary support to complete your card application. ⚠️Action…

What should I do if I’m missing a card load?

If you’re experiencing issues with a missing or delayed card load, please follow these troubleshooting steps: If the issue persists or if you’re unable to locate the card load, please provide the following details: ⚠️Action Item: Please create a ticket on support@bananacrystal.com with all the provided information.

When I tried to load funds to the dashboard, the wallet showed a warning message saying “This is a deceptive request.” What should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing. I’ll promptly liaise with our development team to ascertain if this issue stems from our platform. It’s worth noting that some Metamask users have encountered similar warnings following a recent software integration, which may not directly impact BananaCrystal. Nonetheless, I’ll verify with our developers to ensure everything is…

Why my card balance is different from what I loaded?

Your card balance may vary from the loaded amount due to the loading fee, which is fixed at 2.5% for all card tiers. Additionally, please note that pending transactions can also impact the final balance. If you encounter discrepancies in your card balance, we recommend trying the following troubleshooting steps: If the issue persists, please…

I loaded up my card. Why I don’t see any funds?

Processing may take up to 24 hours on workdays. If you load funds on Friday night or over the weekend, processing will occur on Monday. Please allow some time for the transaction to be processed, and the balance to be updated accordingly. If you have any further concerns, feel free to reach out to our…