How do I load funds to my card?

Category: Loading Funds

To load funds onto your Bananacrystal Debit card, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign In: Visit and sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to My Cards: Go to the “My Cards” tab. Under the card you wish to top up, click on “Top Up”.
  3. Select Network and Asset: Choose the network and the asset you want to use for loading funds. Sign the message in your wallet, then press “Confirm”. You can use any supported wallet, not necessarily the one used for purchasing the card.
  4. Initiate Top Up: Click on “Top Up Card”.
  5. Verify Details: A “Confirm Card Top Up” pop-up will appear. Verify all the details including the network, selected asset, and amount (minimum $50). Ensure the correct wallet is linked. Click “Confirm Top Up” to proceed.
  6. Confirm Transaction: Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  7. Monitor Transactions and Balance: Once the transaction is completed, you can monitor your card’s transactions under the “My Purchases” tab. Additionally, check your card balance from the “My Cards” page under the respective card.


  • Make sure your card is activated before loading funds.
  • The system might ask you to set up 2FA for added security.
  • Bananacrystal charges a loading fee of 2.5%, including a 1.25% conversion fee.